The Other Day

Some days are better

Others are bitter

Starring into the skies

Some stars shine brighter

You will have to realize

That,  you are all that you have.

Then your visions will be clearer .

Your voice becomes louder.

Your dreams you vitalize.

You know you are a wonder.

Do you have to fantasize?

Do not be a slave in a cave.

Remember the other day

When you threw yourself away

Away in your dreams

And you swore to make it rain.

So make it rain my dear.



Life in this world they say is a great struggle. Man without life is nothing. Man can’t live without life but with life man needs to keep on moving. 

‘Move’ – (verb) to go from one place to the other.

Most often we complain about things we can’t change about ourselves. Other times we dwell on our past and we fail to see what lies ahead of us. The world is never static, the world is in motion in fact the world grows from day to day. The world can never go back to look like how it was some years past.  Each day and it’s progress. What is behind is gone. Now, it may look like we have all the time to make progress in our lives but the earlier you make simple steps towards your goal the closer you get to them. We don’t grow in a day but we grow daily. Make a step today, make a move today. It doesn’t matter how slow you go. Progress is progress. Remember slow motion is better than no motion.


  • Focus on the future and don’t look back. 
  • If you are to look back then you want to find out what went wrong? 
  • You need to make a plan about your next move. 
  • Set goals. 
  • Your weaknesses reminds you of your strengths.
  • Know that you carry power.
  • You have life, you have everything. 

Make a move today and see yourself getting closer to your goals. You are what you think of yourself. Keep moving, don’t stop just trust your progress and go!!!!

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“You Can Work Out Your Own Miracle”

Source – livelifeeverday

In our world today, many people have failed to notice that miracles happen each and everyday. The few percentage who believe that miracles happen each day, one way or the other deliberately pay no attention to the fact that they can work out their own miracles.

A miracle can be defined as a fortunate outcome that prevails despite overwhelming odds.

As followers of Christ, we need to understand that we have a role to play in order for a miracle to be manifested. From the Holy Scriptures a woman worked out her own miracle.

LUKE 8 : 43 – 48  (NIV)

43 And a woman was there who had been subject to bleeding for twelve years, but no one could heal her.  44 She came up behind Him and touched the edge of His cloak, and immediately her bleeding stopped. 45 “Who touched me? ” Jesus asked. When they all denied it, Peter said, ” Master,  the people are crowding and pressing against you”. 46 But Jesus said ” Someone touched me; I know that power has gone out of me. 

This woman who had been subjected to bleeding for twelve years through determination made her way through the crowd to Jesus Christ. It is very noticeable from the above Scriptures that this woman had faith in her dream.  She believed that if she could make her  way out to touch the Master she could be saved.  We can also learn that the woman had patience. Anyone who has bled for a long period of time will definitely be weak. Imagine how she was able to get through the crowd to the Master. This woman through it all instantly got her miracle. If this woman could do it the you can also do it.

Note : To be able to work out a miracle you need to master the following.


2. Determination

3. Faith


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